Boost your Conversion Rate with Images

Did you ever buy anything without seeing it? If you have you’re in the minority as the majority of people hardly purchase anything without seeing it. For many products, they don’t only want to see it, but touch it. The technology to do that is not there.Yet.

Images add life to a website and make it convert better. To sell in the online world, you need to enhance the customer’s experience so they can connect to your product as much as possible. To do this you need to use high quality photography and graphics.

However, you still find many websites that are unaware of the importance of images when it comes to getting the most out of existing traffic. Below are some proven tips to help you boost your conversion rate by intelligently using images throughout your website. Use images that you feel would bring out these emotions in your target audience.

Schwan’s a home delivery food services is a company you may never have heard of, but it is one of the top converting sites in the world of ecommerce. Check out the images they use here on their website


This is an example of how good photography and graphic design can help you boost your conversions. You want to reach out and grab those items. They make you hungry. You get the idea. Too many sites out there try to sell their products using poor photography or stock images.

Bring out Emotions
You want to bring out positive emotions. It’s one of the reasons people buy in the first place. The whole idea is to make them feel good. Just right. Make them feel happy, confident, proud and strengthen the chance that they will convert.

Below is another example from a company called Human Touch. You see real people using the products in a relaxing fashion.



In this example, the company is not only communicating a restful emotion, but going a step further with a completely custom tailored buying experience.

Happy Customers
One way to show validation is to have testimonials. What if you took it a step further and showed smiling real customers. People want to be convinced about a product. If you can show a smiling mother watching her twins in their new playpen, now that is the ultimate way to connect.

If your site shows images of happy customers using your products your conversion will increase exponentially. Add some testimonials besides the images like the one below and watch your conversion go up even more.



blog 10








Use a Mascot
Most companies have Mascots. The sleek Greyhound, the Baby Bear, The talking Iguana. Find one that ties in with what you are trying to sell and that will connect with your audience. These mascots represent your company and will carry your brand. People will identify with them. Mascots cheer people up. They are the symbols that get people pumped. How many times have you been at a basketball game and at halftime the chicken with a Mohawk comes onto center stage and does his antics. It puts a smile on your face. Use images of your mascot throughout your site to connect with folks and keep them smiling all the way to that CTA button.










Use Logos
If you have a reconizable customer use their logo. Even if you don’t still use it. This gives the visitor a sense of validation and will increase your site’s conversion power






Do not use cheesy stock photos
Experienced web buyers can sense this right away. The two men in suits shaking hands, the stock broker in his 3 piece suit in his office on the phone without a hair out of place. That is what defines cheesy. While they might have been all the rage in web 1.0, web 2.0 is a whole different ball game. One where people don’t look at things the same way they used to.

Perfecting the Art of Choosing Images
Choosing the right images takes some trial and error, but when you master it, your site will enjoy increased rates. The main premise behind the use of images is putting your customer in the right mood. the buying mood. Much of the time, that customer doesn’t care about you or your product. Get them to care by showing them they are on the right track and they made the right choice by coming to your site. Shape their comfort level. Make them experience what you want them to. If you are doing this effectively, you will get more people to like you and hence buy from you.


The Pluralis Team

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