Conversion Rate Optimization: The Pillar of Lead Generation

CRO, the acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization pretty much says it all. In short, it is pillar crothe process which a website or landing page is optimized to increase conversions/sales by visitors to the site.

It is important for a variety of reasons, but the end goal is to maximize the conversion rates for a service or product that you are offering.

You’ve been on the Internet for a while. To you, a landing page might be just a landing page, but no. Not all landing pages are created equal. Sometimes, pages that are expensive and labor intensive to produce convert poorly.

We have seen this more times than we can count. Businesses large and small sometimes spend tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes even hundreds of thousands) on creating pages for products, and they come away with nothing but high bounce and low conversion rates. They turn to consultants, industry experts (which cost them thousands more) for answers on why their campaigns are performing so poorly.

The truth of the matter is, as an ecommerce site operator looking to grow your bottom line, there is no way to get where you want to go in a more efficient fashion than through optimizing your landing pages. Determining the best layout design and call for action are among a few of the top ways that CRO professionals maximize the conversions for their pages.

You Better Test That!
How do you know what works and what does not? Testing may prove to be the key to discovering the answer to that question. Many of the top influencers in the CRO space will tell you their motto is “Test, Test and Retest”. What do you test? Your page is composed of different elements you hope and pray that when presented to your target audience leads them to click on your call to action. This call to action can be sign up now, buy, rsvp, download or whatever you want it to be. The following list will help you in determining what to test.

  • Button Placement
  • Call to Action
  • Images
  • Content
  • Your message
  • Product offers
  • Testimonials

Again, you can have the most well-produced, best-looking, sleek and shiny website on earth, but if it doesn’t help you generate conversions, hate to break it to ya, you just have a fancy online brochure.

Here are a few tips you should apply to increase the conversion rate on your site

  • Present your visitors with social proof on your landing page(s)

There is much buzz going around nowadays that points to Social Proof as well as reviews increasing sales. Social Proof is becoming more influential. While saving money is highly attractive, over 60% of consumers have indicated that a landing page that presents testimonials, reviews and ratings are a great lure for them to click on that buy button.

  • Make sure your website load times are fast

There are a number of free tools you can use to lessen the time visitors wait and minimize their chances of bouncing from your site.

  • Thank Yous go a looong way!

By a visitor converting on your site, you’ve established a connection with them. Make sure you position your Thank You in the right place; meaning optimize it! By doing this you reinforce their decision for their specific conversion (buy, download, register) and it will connect them more strongly to your brand/product.

Results are what you pay for. Results are what you should get.
These are the founding principles behind the Pluralis platform, built from the ground up with maximizing conversions as its number one goal. On one hand, Pluralis brings opportunities to creative optimizers to put their skills to the test and earn rewards. On the other hand, it empowers businesses to pay only for results and not efforts when optimizing their pages. Pluralis is a 360 degree solution that aims to leave all involved satisfied while reaching their goals.

The Pluralis Team

About The Pluralis Team

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