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16298896_s We’d like to share with you the top blogs we follow in the Marketing Space and those chosen by our community of Optimizers and Marketers. Many of these blogs are published by top influencers in the Marketing space. Their posts, thoughts and ideas help shape the marketing sphere and have tremendous influence on Marketing trends and strategy.

We highly suggest checking them out. Marketing is such a wide and varied topic and we feel you will gain valuable insight from each one!

If you have any of your own that are your favorites, please feel free to share!

Rick Liebling, creative culturalist at Young & Rubicam in New York, shares his thoughts on branding, marketing, advertising,  PR and their impact on culture.
How Soon Is Now?

Managing Director of Edelman Digital in Chicago, David Armano shares his insights, ideas and opinions on doing business in a connected age.

A Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, the  leading industry conference for affiliate marketing, Shawn shares his affiliate thoughts on his blog.
Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins

John J. Wall speaks, writes and practices at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. He is the producer of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program that discusses both new and classic Marketing with his co-host Christopher S. Penn, and has been featured on iTunes.
Marketing Over Coffee

Drew McLellan’s a 25+ year marketing agency veteran who lives for creating “a ha” moments for his clients, clients’ customers, peers and audiences across the land. Sadly, for his daughter, he attempts to do the same thing at home. Drew’s favorite tools for creating these moments are vivid story telling, Italian heritage inspired hand gestures and the occasional tipping of a sacred cow.
Drew’s Marketing Minute

If you are into Trends, this is the place to be. You’ll be sure to find professional observations of trends and their impact. The blog is featured as an “Adage Power 150″ blog and is considered one of the leading research marketing blogs. Definitely worth a visit!!

Noah Brier is a co-founder of Percolate. He likes writing on, thinking about and making stuff for the Internet. He is responsible for a few Internet experiments like Brand Tags, likemind and My First Tweet. On this site he writes about media, marketing, culture, technology and randomness. He likes it when people email him.
Noah Brier

Creative Guerrilla Marketing’s mission is to inspire individuals by spreading knowledge of guerrilla marketing & unconventional advertising techniques. Creative Guerrilla Marketing is a leading online news resource dedicated to guerrilla marketing, unconventional marketing and alternative advertising. Since the blog was started, it has
attracted some of the leading guerrilla marketing strategists and leaders and provides fresh new content from industry professionals.
Creative Guerrilla Marketing

An award-winning Social Media scientist @ HubSpot, Dan Zarella is the author of three books:“Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness,” “The Social Media Marketing Book” and “The Facebook Marketing Book”. With a background in web development which combines his programming capabilities and passion for social marketing, his aim is to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices. Definitely a blog that makes you THINK!
Dan Zarrella

Pluralis, the unique and innovative crowd sourcing solution for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), shares their insights on everything conversion related.
Pluralis Blog

A best selling author, agent of change, entrepreneur and master story teller, Seth Godin is the author of ten bestselling books. He has helped change the way people think about marketing, change and work. Seth has inspired many and his blog is one of the top destinations on the web for those who seek insight that is out of the ordinary.
Seth Godin’s Blog

Mark Schaefer is one of the brightest marketing minds in the US. With a special emphasis in Social Media Marketing, he has been named a “Power 50″ social media influencer by Forbes Magazine, a “Power 150″ marketing blogger by AdAge magazine and has plenty of other accomplishments to his credit. Check out his community, meet fascinating people, stretch your marketing mind to the limit and GROW.

Named one of the “World’s Most Practical Small Business Experts” for consistently delivering real-world and proven small business marketing ideas, John Jantsch is a leading marketing consultant and best-selling author. Visit this blog often for some very eye-opening information in the world of small business marketing.
Ducttape Marketing

VerticalResponse, Inc is one of the leading providers of self-service marketing solutions. They share their insights for small business here on their blog.
The Vertical Response Marketing Blog

TopRank Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement. They share their thoughts here.
TopRank Blog

Dreamgrow is a top Internet marketing and social media agency. With global brands such as Cosmopolitan, Peugeot and Carlsberg, this blog will definitely pique your interest!
Dreamgrow Social Media

The world’s largest online resource for small businesses, provides the tools and resources that are essential to start, grow and manage your business. They strive to bring you real-world expertise and practical advice from the top minds in the SMB space.
All Business

Online marketing is tough. How do you cut through the noise? OrangeSoda has a tried and tested formula for helping businesses succeed online by taking the complicated jargon and turning it into a comprehensive marketing strategy. They share some great stuff here! You’re on your own for Orange Soda.

Spreading buzz in the complex tangle of the web can be a chore. The Future Buzz, run by Adam Singer, a product manager at Google Analytics is a blog about web marketing and PR strategies designed to elevate your brand, product or idea. Creatives from all walks of the digital scene will all benefit from the content here.
The Future Buzz

And saving one of the best for last, Tweak your biz is a one-stop shop for business professionals and entrepreneurs to share their pointers, tips, advice and the lessons they learned. A great place to learn and to guide your career and/or business by absorbing the knowledge and mistakes of others.
Tweak your Business


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